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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance does the practice accept?

We accept assignment with Medicare and Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield as well as almost all other insurances.

What happens in the event of a problem with a resident in a nursing home?

Should a problem with one of the residents in the nursing home our office will be called by the nurese.  We will determine if the problem can be managed by phone.   If so, one of the physicians will order the treatment.  If it is determined that the problem can only be managed at the hospital or if immediate evaluation is required because of the nature of the problem the resident will be transported to the emergency room where initial treatment will be instituted.  If hospitalization is required then the patient is admitted else the resident is returned to the nursing home.

How often do the residences receive a physician visit at the nursing home?

Federal law specificies that a new resident to a nursing home be seen on a monthly basis for the first three months then alternative months from then on.  However our practice attempts to meet with each patient on a monthly basis.

Can nursing home residents be seen more frequently than once a month?

Patients can be seen more frequently than monthly however there must be a significant problem which can be managed by a physician visit.  However such a visit may be constrained by lack of immediate laboratory tests and if required the patient will have to be transferred.

What medical insurance does the practice accept?

The practice accepts assignment for medicare and medicaide as well as many other insurances within the nursing home and hospital setting.

What doctor will provide care for the resident in the event hospitalization is required?

If the resident requires hospital admission and is admitted to the Schumpert Medical system our practice will continue continuous care throughout the hospitalization then back to the nursing home.  Should the family prefer the Willis Knighton system the patient will be most likely be managed by one of the hospitalists until the patient returns to the nursing home.

How does our practice provide continuity of care?

In the American medical system, medical care is becomming more fractionated.  An individual could pass through many physicians with none taking responsibility for continuous care.  The care of the patient depends upon the completeness of the communication as the patient passes from one doctor to another.  Our practice is unique in that we maintain medical care at the nursing home, through any hospitalizations, then back to the nursing home and then to hospice when at the end of life.  

In the event of a problem, how do I contact the doctor?

The office number is 318-222-8187.  The office staff is available from 8:00 A.M to 5:15 P.M.  At other times the physician on call will be paged or be reached through automatic transfer of the phone call.  There is no time when a physician is not available.  We pride ourselves in answering all phone calls.

In which nursing homes do you practice?

We are willing to go to all of the nursing homes in the Shreveport-Bossicer City area.