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Larry Drexler M.D.

Dr. Drexler is board certified in both Internal medicine and geriatrics.  We need a  short bio

Thomas Reilly M.D.

Dr. Reilly is board certified in both internal medicine and geriatrics.  He has been working with nursing home residents for nearly thirty years.  He received a medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin,  an internal medicine residency and geriatric fellowship at Mt. Siani services at City Hospital Elmhurst N. Y.

Adrienne Smith

Mrs. Smith has been on the office staff for over 20 years and is now the office manager.  She is responsible for all business aspects of the practice.

Jill Scott

Mrs. Scott's primary responsibility is to type the dictation and manage all of the dictation  so that the new records become available to the nursing homes.

Sharon Thompson LPN 

Mrs Thomas  is the office nurse whose primary job is interacting with the nursing homes to  make sure that the office understands the  problem that is being called about and that the problem  is adequately communicated to the physicians.